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LATEST WTF in download format - Oct 2021

Here is the latest (02/10/21) WTF (Where to Find a traditional AA meeting) as a pdf download. Just click the link


Intergroup Job News

DEVON CENTRAL INTERGROUP – have the following important vacancies:
The following are only brief outlines of the commitments, other vital sources of information and help are the outgoing Officer; Region Officer and the AA Service and Structure Handbooks and the national website

Position 1
Employment Liaison


Check your meeting details

Both the WTF and the website need accurate information from each group to ensure that our information is up to date and accurate. Please check the details listed by clicking on the 'Meeting Name' in the first column on the Meeting List page. Any regular member can perform this vital service but GSRs and Secretaries will often do it. Just use the Contact Us Tab and send us a message.

Recent Science Support for AA - Video

The largest, most rigorous independent study on Alcoholics Anonymous to date shows that AA can help people get sober, stay sober, drink less, and suffer fewer negative consequences of drinking, all while keeping health care costs down. Watch scientists John Kelly (Harvard/MGH) and Keith Humphreys (Stanford/VA) discuss their findings (published 3/11/20 by the Cochrane Collaborative), with commentary from psychologist Gabrielle Jones.

Watch this 15 minute video on the report.

Parliamentary Group on 12 Step Recovery

There is an APPG (all party parliamentary group) set up to look at 12 step recovery. They are having a “National Welcome” service in Westminster on 14th September. It is ticketed and you can apply and find out more on the links below:


Okehampton "Living Sober" Meeting Resumtion

The Okehampton "Living Sober" Meeting has resumed back to a Traditional meeting. (90 Minutes)

Fairplace United Church
Fairplace Terrace

Updated 1/8/21

Exeter Sunday Night

Exeter Sunday night F2F meeting will be resuming from Sunday 8th August 2021

Palace Gate Centre
3, Palace Gate,

The Sunday meeting will be resuming on a 1 month trial to see if it can be self supporting.
Please support this meeting if possible.

Updated 1/8/21

Barnstaple Newcomers Meeting

New Face to Face meeting

Saturday Newcomers Meeting
Time 11am - 12:30pm
Castle Centre
25 Castle Street
EX31 1DR

Update 17/7/21

Good Vibes Monday

Good Vibes Monday Meeting 7:15pm for 7:30pm. 1 Hour Meeting.
This meeting will be resuming as a physical meeting from Monday 12th April 2021
Covid regulations to be observed. Face masks optional, Track & Trace information gathered, Social distancing seating.

St Andrews Church cafe
Station Road

Barnstaple Tuesday Evening Group

Barnstaple Tuesday Evening Group

This is now a HYBRID meeting.
See meeting list under HYBRID meetings for Zoom ID

Physical Meeting at: 7:30pm 9:00pm
The Salvation Army Hall
Oakleigh Road
EX32 8JT

Government guidelines to be followed, so masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing & track and trace will be required.

Bring your own refreshments.


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