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Return to Traditional (Physical) Meetings

Return to physical meetings.

As venues for meetings start to open their doors and groups return to physical meetings so begins a transition period. It is down to each group to hold its own group conscience meeting and decide what it wants to do.

New Meeting List's
We have just updated the meeting list capabilities to support the resumption of our 'traditional' AA meetings where their venues have enabled this and with all the necessary Covid-19 measures in place. We now have support for four different types of meetings: Traditional (what we are all used to), Online (what we have recently become used to) and Hybrid (a mix of the first two. Some members in the room and some joining via a video conference link like Zoom) and a fourth type 'Suspended' which are meetings that are not running due to the crisis. It is hoped that most of these will return in due course and the website is now ready to support these.
You will find meeting information under the tabs "Online" and "Traditional". Use sub menu's (Day) (Type) to narrow your search results.

Whatever your group decides is fine but I would ask you to communicate any changes you make to so I can keep the web site up to date. Some meetings have returned to Traditional (physical meetings) and details are on the site under the “DCIG News” tab.

Looking to the future I would hope that we could effectively use the website to create electronic “Where To Find’s” for both virtual and physical meetings.


Bob ECLO officer.