Zoom Bombing

For those not familiar with the term, 'Zoom Bombing' is when a Zoom meeting (or other online meeting) is attended by a person or persons who wish to disrupt the meeting in a juvenile and generally offensive way. Sadly this is their idea of 'fun'. We have had two recent instances. Cullumpton Wednesday and Exeter Wednesday Step11 Meditation had intrusive and abusive guests with dodgy names like ' John F Kenneday and Tommy McGay '. Besides the contrived names they may well have no video enabled. So look out for these signatures

The best way to deal with this type of nuisance in Zoom ( and GotoMeeting has very similar capablities) is to:

Make sure:

  • the waiting room is enabled and don't admit people with suspect names and names not known to the group - you can always ask the people so far admitted if they know 'Dodgy John' or more likey ' John H'.
  • As the meeting starts 'Lock' the meeting - in GoToMeeting: Lock the Meeting and Waiting Room work together - ie if you Lock the meeting visitors go into the waiting room to be admitted
  • Disable screen sharing except for the meeting organiser
  • Mute people as they join - so unmute all regular attendees
  • Problem people in the meeting can then be removed to the waiting room and make sure the meeting is locked.