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LATEST WTF download – August 2022

Here is the latest (August 2022) WTF, which lists all  DCIG meetings and is available as a pdf download.WTF_22 Q3 . There is a separate section for Zooms and Hybrids are indicated in the main traditional meeting section. The online tag will list both Hybrid and Zoom  meetings of which we currently have nine ( […]

Online Meeting List for UK and Europe

The national Website Meeting Finder maintains a list of almost 400 online meetings  which are independent of any intergroup or region.  About half in the UK and the rest in  most West European Countries.  To access the list use this link BUT before clicking the link read the note below: https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/AA-Meetings/Find-a-Meeting/ When you get to […]

75 Years Of AA in Great Britain Video

For the 75th anniversary of AA in the UK, our General Service Office in York has produced a wonderful History of AA in the UK. The video opens with these words: “For 75 Years AA GB has been working in these islands. Right from the start, they have been committed to supporting people in every […]

Exeter Prison Volunteers- HELP NEEDED

Exeter HMP has restarted meetings on the 7th May. We urgently need more men to volunteer, especially younger men. The AA meetings are every Saturday afternoons, and the rota will be done according to your availability. Men and women any age will be welcome and  appreciated, to join our team. Anita the Prison Liason Officer […]

Responders Needed for Our Local Help Line

The AA Telephone Helpline is always answered by a recovering alcoholic, usually from the Devon and Cornwall region. The helpline is available to all and serves a variety of needs, but its primary purpose is to carry AA’s message of recovery to those still suffering from active alcoholism. Additionally it can provide help, support and […]

85 Years of Helping Alcoholics

How it all began and AA.ORG AA is a world wide movement of many tens of thousands of local groups of recovering alcoholics which began 85 years ago. In the intervening years the AA program has saved millions of alcoholic lives and prevented great damage to the lives of their families and the wider community. […]

Next DCIG Meeting -14 August

The Next DCIG will be Sunday 14 August 2022 and the schedule after that is 20 November 11:00 (doors open 10:00). Wonford Community Hall Wonford District Centre Burnthouse Lane, Exeter EX2 6NF Phone: 01392 217868

DCIG Vacant Posts and Appointments

a)     Nominee for voting in at this meeting: Anna M for Region Rep.  Anna read out her AA CV and then left the room.  She was unanimously voted in and, on returning to the room, warmly congratulated. b)      Vacant Posts following this meeting: Archivist Armed Services Public Information Region Rep Where to Find  Co-ordinator Young People […]

The Chit System

For website visitors and members The chit (confirmation of attendance) system is a scheme providing members with proof of attendance at a particular AA meeting, (issued by a group officer). These can be given by the member to any agency (probation officers/offender managers, social services, health, employment, professional disciplinary bodies, courts/legal representatives or any other […]